Welcome World Deaf Curling Championships in Bern/Switzerland

Closing Ceremony

Saturday 2nd March Finals


Friday 1 March Bronzemedal Match

Reports Playoff - Semifinal - Bronzemeda
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Switzerland wins the bronze medal after a thrilling match against Japan with 6:3!

Schedule Women

Schedule Men

Thursday 28 February Playoffs



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Leaderboard Women & Men
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Thursday Practice STAFF & OC

Wednesday 27 February Tiebreak Women

Tuesday 26 February Competition Round 6

Tuesday 26 February Competition Round 7

Monday 25 February Competition Round 5


MATCHES Monday 25.2.2013

Men:         1pm             7pm

CAN - FIN    6:3             FIN - UKR 7:12

JAP - SWI   7:12            RUS - SWI 11:7

HUN - RUS   5:9            CAN - JAP 11:4 



UKR - RUS   2:11            RUS – CAN 5:7

                                     CRO - HUN 8:7


Monday 25 February Competition Round 4

Sunday 24 February Competition 3rd round

Sunday 24 February Competition 2nd round

Saturday 23 February Competition 1st round

1st day with some highlights and a lot of spectators

With a few minutes delay the great opening ceremony for the 2nd World Deaf Curling Championships started just after 10 o' clock. A group of men dressed up in historical uniforms playing the marching drums, entered the curling hall followed by the athletes of the eight competing countries. Mrs Franziska Teuscher (member of the town council), Dean Sutton (TD curling), Martin Risch (OC president) and Tatjana Binggeli (vice president of the SGSV-FSSS) addressed some greeting words to the athletes, coaches and spectators. The children of the local school for hearing impaired (Münchenbuchsee) brought the flag of the ICSD. Two women dressed in traditional farming shirts performed the Swiss national anthem in sign language. Finally the whole crowed went outside to watch the parade of the marching music accompanied by some gun salutes.

1st few matches

The first few matches proceeded without any problems. Japan, Russia, the Ukraine and Hungary competed for the first time in a World Championship. There was a surprise in the women's games: the Ukrainian team beat the team from Croatia. The second surprise occured in the men's games: the Swiss team was lucky with their last stone and thanks to that, they beat the Hungarians. There was no extra end needed in any of the games.

Interview with Patricia Schirò, the coach of the Swiss team

The Swiss team had a difficult start into their first game. How come?

Playing a home match with so many spectators and supporters put some pressure on the players. Then the LSD failed, that made the players even more nervous. But after the first few ends, they were back in their match routine and they played better and better until they finally could win the game with their last stone.


The end the match was thrilling like a good movie. And we had the lucky end. What were your feelings in that moment?

Never give up! That's important for us and the players followed it until the very end.

Your next game is against Finland. What will you change? New tactic, any good ideas?

We already know the Finnish team. We had played them at the 16th Deaflympics in Salt Lake City and in the 1st World Deaf Curling Championship in Winnipeg. We are looking forward to playing against them. But I won't tell you anything about our tactics.... that's a secret.


Opening Ceremony

The opening matches started well. Hungary, Japan, Russia and Ukraine are competing for the first time in a World Deaf Curling Championships. Surprisingly the Ukrainian women team won against Croatia and the Swiss men team was lucky in the match against Hungary. In none of the matches was an extra end needed.


Men Results:

Switzerland - Hungary       8:7

Canada - Ukraine            10:5

Japan - Finland                 6:7


Women Results:

Russia - Hungary              9:5

Ukraine - Croatia             13:9

Friday 22 February Arrival & Training

All delegations find their way to the CBA in Bern:











We are happy that you are all here!

TD Meeting

Program 2nd WDCC 2013

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